Welcome to the No Way Podcast! The podcast where we deconstruct your favourite childhood movies. Each episode features a new guest and their favourite childhood movie. Then, it’s up to the hosts to identify three moments in the film that just make us say: No Way! 

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Why We started

The idea of No Way! came from watching our favourite childhood films and pointing out the sometimes ridiculous nature of the movie's moments, plot or reality.

Do you ever watch a movie and just have to yell out NO WAY! right in the middle of it?

On the No Way! Podcast, the hosts and guest dive deep into those moments and try to answer the question: would this really happen? Or have the writers of the movie made an egregious error in their plot?

On No Way! we try to poke fun at some of our most beloved films and sometimes point out details that you have never thought of when watching them. The base of this podcast comes from a love for nostalgic movies and wanting to chat about them more with people we love.

Our Format

Each episode features a new movie. The hosts invites a different guest on to each episode and asks them to bring their favourite childhood film. The hosts then go off, watch the movie, and then get back together to discuss their top three "No Way!" moments of the movie.

Along with these three "No Ways" , we also give a summary of the movie itself, its reception at the time of release and some fun facts.

We also have a deeper conversation about why this movie is special to our guest, what impact it had on them and why they chose this movie to bring on to the podcast.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the conversation about some of your most beloved childhood movies!